About Us

A brief intoduction

With above 25 years’ experience in Water storage solutions and 15 Years’ experience in GRP / SMC Panel tank, SOVISY INDIA PVT. LTD. established to provide innovative water storage solutions. The company’s founding objective was to design and provide a simple, innovative, globally certified water storage solution by installing SMC/GRP panels in modular and flexible patterns with uncompromising levels of quality and reliability to ensure the preservation of water to the highest standards of purity.

The SOVISY Water Tank has become the system of choice around the world to conserve water to the highest quality standards while addressing the shortcomings inherent to traditional storage systems such as plastic, concrete and steel tanks. SOVISY tanks can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. Call our SOVISY friendly Advisors today to get an estimate. Customer service is a priority to us and after sales support is what makes us the best among our competitors.

Why you should select SOVISY Water Tank

Best in class for water storage than the rest..

Lifetime Durability

Average serviceable life for SOVISY tanks in normal operating conditions without maintenance is expected upto 50 years.

100% Customizeable

Fully customizeable to fit any size & capacity at any location with full durability in any weather to store safe drinking water.


SOVISY Water Tanks offer significant environmental benefits with lower carbon footprint compared to metal tanks.

Our Objective

Let's understand our main oblective.


Research and Development of most modern global Technology is the keynote of our mission. We are sensitive to the needs of our custome We devote energy with all honesty & integril for everlasting solution to their needs. We take care of our suppliers, employees, technologists too.


Government stresses immense importance on preservation of water in a most clean stae. Storage of clean water is indispensable for the Society, Industry and Human Life. Modern science & technology is innovating ' ways to increase the storage capacity. Sovisy sails in the same boat.

Major Clients

Our most valued clients we are highly thankful to them.